Multidomain Command Control (C2) and Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) Fusion System

The nginr® C2 & ISR Fusion System is a multidomain (i.e., land, air, maritime, space and cyber domains) and dual purpose (i.e., both defense and civilian security/safety) system. It processes big data collected by various ISR sources, including measurement, signature, open source intelligence and surveillance, retrieves information by using innovative artificial intelligence techniques, and fuses the retrieved information into a noSQL knowledgebase. All the software components and technology required to run nginr® including the operating system (OS) and database management system (DBMS) are developed and implemented by ETECube®. They include the following:

Transfer of Technology (ToT) license is also available for nginr®, which means the source code and training on the source code is given with the ToT license. For further information, please contact with ETECube®.